1. Sign in to your Active account or click MYEVENTS in your confirmation email.

2. Select an event from the list displayed on your MYEVENTS page.

3. Click the “Transfer Registration” button.

4. Enter the email address for the “New Participant”. You will be responsible for paying the transfer fee of $5.47. The “New Participant” will be responsible for paying any new registration fee that applies. Once the new participant claims the registration, your old registration will be canceled and your entry fee will be refunded.

5. The new participant will receive a confirmation registration email from Active.

6. In the confirmation email, “Click Claim” registration.

7. Fill out the registration form with the new participant’s information.

8. Read and check the waivers/agreements carefully, then sign the waiver and click Continue

9. On the Checkout page, enter your credit card information and select continue to pay the new fee.

10. You will then receive a new confirmation email and receipt.

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